Develop Your Financial IQ


Develop Your Financial IQ  “Greatly Enhance Your Financial Sense In A Fun And Easy Way – And Take Control Of Your Finances Today!”

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Develop Your Financial IQ

“Greatly Enhance Your Financial Sense In A Fun And Easy Way – And Take Control Of Your Finances Today!”

Table of Contents

Chapter #1: Foundation In Financial IQ                                                  6

Definition of Insanity                                                                                    6

What is Money?                                                                                           7

Awareness Before Change                                                                          8

Time And Money                                                                                         9

Chapter #2: Ways To Achieve Wealth                                                     11

2 Wealth Building Models                                                                             11

3 Ways of Making Money                                                                            13

Chapter #3: The Most Important Rule In Investing                               15

What Does Investing Mean To People?                                                      15

Invest in Yourself                                                                                         15

The importance of Financial Education                                                       17

Chapter #4: How To Get Out Of A Financial Mess                                19

Defensive Strategies                                                                                    19

Offensive Strategies                                                                                    20



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