Activities For Little Fingers

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Activities For Little Fingers –  Busy mothers and teachers are constantly asking, “What can I do with my children? They want something to do.”


Busy mothers and teachers are constantly asking, “What can I do with my children? They want something to do.” 

A child’s natural activity should be utilized, and turned into channels which will lead to their gradual development, physical, moral, and intellectual. The craft work contained in this book satisfies the early craving of the child for play and the practical, and the gifts and occupations become playthings in his hands, but, unknown to him, things of educational value.

Activities For Little Fingers

It has been found that children are most interested in an activity when it is associated with function or color; that children are interested in things in connection with people, animals, and plants, and when they can construct something in which they can feel the sense of self, as the cause of that construction, the joy of expression brings great happiness.

Constructive craft work offers many opportunities for the development of design, and often a detail of design lends an atmosphere of greater reality to an object, especially when the object made is of miniature size and is for play-use, as a doll’s table-cover, cushion, chair, hat, etc. Children feel many things in their imagination, and a little touch of reality in design furthers that imaginative thought.

The writers have realized the necessity for keeping the cost of the articles made at a minimum, so that they can be enjoyed by all. Inside Activities For Little Fingers you will find projects for boys and girls of all ages that are inexpensive, yet fulfilling.

Within this eBook will be found suggestions for the teachers of little people, and the book may be the means later on in life of introducing them to much broader fields of expression through which great joy may come to them and be given to the world.

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