Discover how easy it is to download and read one of our eBooks.

How to use an eBooks Coupon Code

At the checkout, you will see the contents of your cart, the number of ebooks you will be purchasing and the total cost of the order.
In your cart, you can enter a discount code if you have one. After you aply the code you will see the discount immediately.
Afterward, you will enter your credit card details. You can pay with PayPal or your credit card.
Access to the ebooks is granted once payment is processed.

What is an eBook?

An eBook (electronic book) is a digital version of a traditional print book. eBooks can be downloaded and read on a variety of electronic devices, including personal computers and mobile devices, such as eBook readers and tablets.  Read more

How do I download my eBook?

Our eBooks can be read on a variety of display devices (i.e. computer, eBook reader, tablet or smartphone). The method of downloading will depend on the device you are using.
We highly recommend that you always first download your eBook to your personal computer and then upload it to your device.

After downloading a PDF the file will be in the save location that you chose. A common download destination is the “Downloads” folder, which is a subfolder of your “Documents” folder. If you cannot find it there, just download the eBook again and take note of the save location.

To download:

  • Click on the unique link in your download e-mail. Or after the payment you have access to your download area with the eBook.
  • Depending on your browser, the file will be downloaded to a folder on your computer, or you will be prompted to save or open the file, in which case you can save the file in a folder of your choice.

To read your eBook on your computer, open the application, navigate to your eBook file and open it. You can also right-click on the eBook file in Windows Explorer, choose “Open with” and then select the desired program to open the eBook file. Most devices have a PDF reader. If not, you can get it here for free.

How long does it take to download an eBook?

The download time depends on the size of the eBook, the speed of your Internet connection and the electronic device. In general, downloading an eBook should take no longer than 2 minutes.

How many times can I download my eBook?

You can download your eBook as soon as payment is confirmed and you have received the download link via e-mail. The eBook remains available via the download link for 28 days after the date of purchase, during which you may download your eBook a maximum of five (5) times.

Can I download my eBook to more than one device?

Yes, you may download your eBook from the same download link to one or more of your display devices a maximum of five (5) times during the 28-day period after the purchase. You may not download your eBook to any computer or other display device that is not your own.

What happens if I lose my download link e-mail?

Provided that you contact Customer Support within 28 days of purchasing the eBook, and your maximum of five (5) downloads has not been reached, we will provide you with a new download link. However, to avoid this inconvenience, we highly recommend that you download your eBook immediately upon purchase and make a backup copy.

What are Master Resale Rights ?

Most of our ebooks include a Master Resale Right! Master resale rights not only gives you the right to resale the product, but also the right to sell the rights, though without any changes in the contents. Private label rights allow you to edit the content as you see fit and put name as the author.  Read more